Suburban Garden – Growing-up

I didn’t think planting a garden would have such an impact on my morning routine, but every day I wake up looking forward to seeing what magic has happened overnight. The truth is, I can’t believe how fast my little garden has matured in such a short time!

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

Looking at those tomatoes, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was able to harvest them in the next few weeks 🙂

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

Looking at this basil, I can’t help but think about all the wonderful dishes I will be putting together this summer.  Ensalada Caprese, homemade Pesto, Basil Chicken, etc.  I can’t wait!

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

The original pepper featured in Little Pots was removed from its steam a little early due to a damaged spot on the skin.  Sadly I didn’t get a picture of this, but it was a bruise the size of a quart that was beginning to attract little insects.  I determined it was better to remove it than risk the plant’s safety.  This did the trick because I now have a new little pepper without any bugs.

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

My Serrano Peppers are coming along nicely; one pepper is almost mature enough to pick, with a few little buds tucked back behind the leaves.  I think these will go well in morning omelets, maybe a nice curry. Oh, and salsa!

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

These photos make the kale look quite a bit larger than they are due to the angle, I would say that they are only about 4-5″ tall at this point. I’ll have to start placing my hand in the picture for comparison.  🤓

Until next time … 👩‍🌾🌱🍅🌶


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