Everyday, Gardening

Suburban Garden – Ready to Harvest

What a great way to start my morning!  I walked out, tea in hand, to check out my garden's progress only to be surprised by these delightful beauties!

Everyday, Gardening

Suburban Garden – Growing-up

I can't believe how fast my garden has matured! Take a look at the progress in my latest blog 👩‍🌾🌱

Everyday, Gardening

Suburban Garden – Little Pots

Sometime in February, I pronounced to my husband, "This is the year!  This is the year we grow our own food!" My husband, being the city-type, looked at me a little confused, but agreed to help where he could.  It took until about April to get everything sorted, but finally, I have my little garden. To… Continue reading Suburban Garden – Little Pots

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The Long Road Home

The time has come to head back to my nine to five - this trip has been amazing and I feel very fortunate for being able to have made this dream a reality. Below is the rainy view from my Dublin hotel; my one night stop over before heading home to Texas. During my wait… Continue reading The Long Road Home