Birth Story

My husband and I had a bet that as to which day our baby would arrive and well, he won.


We’ve Been Keeping A Secret

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you may already know that we've recently shared some pretty amazing news (Tests Were Never My Thing)! What many of you don't know is ...

Everyday, Life

Saying Goodbye

Grandparents are the foundation of our foundation, yet we don't often have the opportunity to get to know them.  They watch us grow, sometimes from a distance and they give us little nuggets of wisdom from time to time, but as a child or even an adolescent, we don't take full advantage of this experience.… Continue reading Saying Goodbye

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Hidden Beauty

It's so funny how sometimes the most beautiful things are hidden in the most unexpected places.  During a recent trip to Miami, I was introduced to Cauley Square, a little-hidden gem in South Miami. According to Wikipedia, Cauley Square Historic Village is one of most notable spots that built up along one of the stops… Continue reading Hidden Beauty