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Meandering Around St. Pete

There's nothing I love more than walking around and just getting lost in a city.   I even spotted a Kanban Board created on the window of a building! St. Petersburg is such a beautiful city with a temperate climate and crystal clear waterways. There are the Dali Museum and wonderful local restaurants with a Spanish… Continue reading Meandering Around St. Pete

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Living the Tropical Life

With all the wedding festivities about to kick off, Kassim and I took a little time to ourselves to wander around St. Armand's Circle.  This unique shopping district is located on St. Armand's Key within the Sarasota Bay. Kassim vs. hammock Such a victorious face. I love this Man ❤ After about an hour or… Continue reading Living the Tropical Life

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Just a Few More Hours

Well fed and overly caffeinated, we hit the road again with hopes of reaching the 'ville before midnight. This portion of the drive is always a bit difficult due to the nature of the roads. While they are very well maintained, there are only pockets of lighted spots. Once the sun goes down, you have… Continue reading Just a Few More Hours

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“Fast Food or NOTHING” Hour

The majority of the drive from Texas to Florida is done on I-10 and one of my favorite stops along the way in New Orleans! About an hour outside of New Orleans, you'll find the Louisiana state capital, Baton Rouge.  This is also home to Louisiana State University (LSU) and where you find college students,… Continue reading “Fast Food or NOTHING” Hour

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Edinburgh: Hostel to Hotel with a Touch of Culture

The view from the Baxter Hostel was lovely this morning - I sat at a bay window while enjoying a bit if coffee. My check out time was around 10 am, so I spend my time planning out my day and taking in the cool air from the open window. Once I got everything squared… Continue reading Edinburgh: Hostel to Hotel with a Touch of Culture

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Goodbye Ireland, Hello Scotland!

So ... I find it hard to sit still, so I booked a flight to Scotland! After a wonderful last evening out with my friends, it was time to part ways ... My flight Ryanair was set for early afternoon, so I took my time in the morning getting to the airport - I arrived… Continue reading Goodbye Ireland, Hello Scotland!