Feeling Comfortable In My Skin

My body changed monthly. At first, I lost a lot of weight; I think something like 20 lb within the first few weeks. I thought to myself, “oh look how lucky I am, I’ve lost all of that pregnancy weight already!” What I didn’t realize is that my attempt at breastfeeding (more on this in a later post) would cause me to gain the majority of that back.

I think it’s essential that I take a moment to address body image. Every woman’s body is different, and this statement is even more relevant postpartum. Some lose the weight quickly while others hold on to it for a lifetime; there’s nothing wrong with either scenario or anything in-between. Your body is amazing! You’ve just birthed life into this world (my story), and your body is a road map of that fantastic experience; own it, love it, and be proud of it!

Photo Credit: Kassim Bhamani

I wasn’t as big as I was when I was pregnant, but I was nowhere near my pre-pregnancy size. I mean, at one point I couldn’t even get my old jeans past the midway point of my thighs! The functionality of my wardrobe didn’t suit my current situation, either. It’s nearly impossible to make a crew neck shirt work for breastfeeding without pulling it up, which I didn’t have the confidence to do in public.

Photo Credit: Kassim Bhamani

Fast forward five months, the clothing that I purchased at two months postpartum no longer fit; the jeans were too small while the tops were now too big. I’ve always felt confident leaving the house in the morning, but with all the changes, I just felt so frumpy.

Photo Credit: Kassim Bhamani

Enter ThredUp! For the unacquainted, ThredUp is a second-hand clothing store based primarily online with warehouse distribution all over the country. You search their online inventory, make your purchase, and within a week you have your “new to you” clothing at your doorstep. Brilliant! Not only is it a budget-friendly way to update my wardrobe, but also an eco-friendly way of getting rid of the clothing that no longer fit. Win-win!

I quietly collected my pregnancy clothes as well as some of the pre-pregnancy items that I knew I would likely never fit into again. I neatly folded them and, in the spirit of the KonMari Method, thanked them for their service. I then placed them into the lovely green and white polka dot ‘clean-out’ bag ThredUp sent me and shipped them off to be sold.

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to clear out the clutter. I no longer had all of these items taking up space in my closet. I felt unburdened by the clothes that were too small like I was permitting myself to be this new version of myself. I finally embraced my new mom-bod. πŸ’™

If you are currently going through something similar, remember to be kind to yourself and that you are worthy of love no matter what your size.

Photo Credit: Kassim Bhamani

This brings us to today, I am 11 months postpartum. While my body is still changing, one thing remains the same, nothing beats the satisfaction of pulling on a pair of great-fitting jeans, no matter what the little tag on the inside says.

Checkout ThredUp for yourself and enjoy a $10 on your first order when you use my link: http://www.thredup.com/r/ADDGHU Considering how reasonable the prices are, this credit goes pretty far! πŸ˜€

Note: this is not a sponsored post, I just really love the company!

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