FET: Surviving The Ice Age!

Based off of our Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) recommendation, I took a few weeks “off” to allow my body to detox from all of the medications and heal from the retrieval surgery (More Shots Than a College Party).  By the end of this waiting period, we were getting pretty antsy – it was time to get this show on the road already!

The recovery time for the retrieval was a bit less than when I had my Lap back in February of 2017 (Life Happens). I felt pretty tired for the first few days, and using the washroom was a feat unto itself considering my ovaries were still fairly swollen following the procedure, but by the second week I was feeling almost back to normal.

After the prescribed waiting period, I call the RE’s office, booked our next baseline scan and ordered my transfer meds from the pharmacy. Once the wheels were in motion, it was just a matter of waiting until my body was ready to receive the embryo.

Finally, after another agonizing weeklong wait and another round of Femara, it was finally Transfer Day! The culmination of all of the shots and pills, the restrictive diet, skipping out on gatherings with friends and colleagues due to appointments and sheer exhaustion had all lead to the moment; it was time to bring my perfect little embryo home.

Transfer Day
Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

We arrived at the clinic at around 11 am, I filled out the paperwork and took my Valium. Now the last part may seem a little strange for those who haven’t gone through embryo transfer (FET or otherwise), but the medication is standard practice at my clinic, it is provided to calm your nerves as well as well as to relax the uterus so that it is more receptive to the embryo.

After about 15 minutes, the nurse took us back to the waiting room where I changed into my robe and awaited the doctor’s arrival.

Shortly after changing, the embryologist came in to give us the first glimpse of our beautiful little embryo, remarking at how well it thawed after cryopreservation and what a beautiful shape the embryo had taken.  Whether real or not, this was a true confidence boost!

Kassim and I were in awe looking at this little picture of what could eventually develop into our child.  All of our hopes hung on this microscope cluster of cells. No pressure. ❤️

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

The procedure only took about 20 minutes from start to finish; upon my release from the clinic, we were given post-transfer instructions which consisted of resting, drinking plenty of fluids and a recommendation to watch heartwarming and funny movies to help keep us both in a positive headspace.

Once I arrived home, I crawled into bed and proceeded to take the most glorious nap of my life.  I’m guessing this is due to the aforementioned Valium I received at the clinic which must have fully kicked in upon my arrival home.  Either way, my nap was amazing and because my transfer was scheduled on a Friday, we had the rest of the weekend to rest and take in the experience.  Afterall, this could be the start of the family we’ve always wanted. ❤️




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