Suburban Garden – Little Pots

Sometime in February, I declared “This is the year I grow my own food!”

It took until about April to get everything sorted, but finally, I have my little garden.

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

To begin, I picked up a few potted plants: tomatoes and bell peppers; I wanted to try growing from seeds, so I planted cucumbers and kale from seed in the hope that they would take.

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

The first to bloom was my bell pepper plant with the littlest pepper I’ve ever seen!

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani
Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

The cucumber seeds sprouted shoots and leaves, and I decided to leave them in the pot to mature and grow stronger with hopes that they will be able to survive the inevitable transfer to my raised bed.

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani
Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

The dino kale is adorable at this size, it reminds me of baby Groot!  Kale is one of my dog’s favorite snacks, so hopefully, she’ll stay out of the garden long enough to allow the kale to grow nice and sturdy 🙂

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

To create a fully rounded garden, I have added a single tomato plant; I may need another one, but I’ll see how well this one does before I add to it.

How are you enjoying the great outdoors this summer?


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