While I may have never had much of a sweet tooth, I’ve always had a weakness for a warm scone with a cup of tea. Sadly, being allergic to 90% of grain has left me with a warm cup and an empty plate … Until now!

Pamela’s Gluten Free Biscuit & Scone Mix, 13 Ounce

This mix is the best one I’ve found!  The recipe even includes different options for additional allergies or preferences including vegan & lactose intolerance.

But enough talking, let’s get to Baking!

All in all, the process takes about 10 minutes to complete – place mix in a bowl, cut in sugar/butter (or butter substitute). Add in milk (almond, soy, dairy, whatever) and dried fruits, nuts, etc. – mix until combined.

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

The above photo shows my poor attempt at making these lumps of dough into triangles. Lol. Now into the oven they go!

Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani
Photo Credit: Brandi Bhamani

After about twenty-five minutes or just enough time to convince my husband that 8:30 am isn’t too early to wake up on a Saturday, the scones are done!

In the time it takes to cool the scones, I’ve made some tea and found a nice sunny spot at the table to enjoy them.

Do you have a favorite baking mix or a recipe that you love?  Leave me a comment below!

Have a great weekend!


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