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Just a Few More Hours

Well fed and overly caffeinated, we hit the road again with hopes of reaching the 'ville before midnight. This portion of the drive is always a bit difficult due to the nature of the roads. While they are very well maintained, there are only pockets of lighted spots. Once the sun goes down, you have… Continue reading Just a Few More Hours

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I'm a planner and it's typically hard for me to break out of that mindset when on a "spur of the moment" type trip ... so in my infinite wisdom, I thought it best to not book a hotel room until we were close to New Orleans.  We basically sat outside of the restaurant where… Continue reading SNAFU!

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“Fast Food or NOTHING” Hour

The majority of the drive from Texas to Florida is done on I-10 and one of my favorite stops along the way in New Orleans! About an hour outside of New Orleans, you'll find the Louisiana state capital, Baton Rouge.  This is also home to Louisiana State University (LSU) and where you find college students,… Continue reading “Fast Food or NOTHING” Hour

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Let’s Take a Road Trip!

So, sometimes I like to just get in the car and go!  This time, however, I had a full flight booked from Austin to Orlando with the intention of flying over with the hubs and driving to my hometown to visit family and friends.  In a strange turn of events, our trip to Colorado was… Continue reading Let’s Take a Road Trip!

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Christmas Eve at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Instead of the usual Christmas Eve family gatherings, we took everybody to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science! The exhibitions were well laid out and the Docents were very knowledgeable. The Model of the Curiosity Rover was really cool! All machines have some sort of face ... I wonder if this was something NASA thought about… Continue reading Christmas Eve at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science