Moving to Austin, TX

First and foremost, I could totally get used to this whole getting up early thing. I’ve walked the dogs, chatted with the neighbors, made coffee, and gotten my fill of Facebook all before 9am! This is pretty remarkable for the girl who has a hard time making it work on time. Keep in mind, I work from home and only have to make it to the next room.

So, as the title indicates, we’ve made a pretty incredible move over to Austin, TX! So far, things are just peachy, we’ve made friends, our dogs are happy, and we have a kick-ass apartment. Pretty much living the life, I always hoped that we would have. Honestly, I can’t think of anything that would make this situation any better. Now that I’ve figured out that life can start before 9am, we’re all good! 

So, a few things I’ve learned since leaving Miami Beach:

  • I don’t really like the beach
  • I’m not too crazy about traffic or long commutes
  • My husband was not the source of my dissatisfaction with life
  • Living in a vacation destination does NOT feel like being on vacation every day
  • I have some genuinely AMAZING people in my life

So with that, I say so long Florida and hello Texas! Yeehaw!

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